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The Concept

Considering South Australia's commitment towards a 100% renewable energy market, Pangea is excited to contribute in this energy revolution. Pangea will combine intelligent energy storage management with control technologies and fast-response batteries, thereby creating a hybrid system that is ideal for utility scale storage. 


Pangea will reduce congestion constraints, allow peak shaving, and provide voltage compensation, reactive power management, and other frequency regulation services.  

The project life has been designed for 30 years, with a focus on addressing the State's energy requirements. 

The Investment: Technology
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Investing in the Future

Developed over 79 hectares in Port Augusta, South Australia, Pangea will develop this utility scale battery. 

Pangea will invest up to USD 200 million into project, stimulating the local economy, creating direct and indirect jobs, and supporting the aspirations of Port Augusta to be a renewable energy hub.

The Investment: Investment
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